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Term Definition

A protected area between traffic lanes providing pedestrians with a safe place to wait for gaps in traffic.


A driveway or median where left turns are prohibited by physical or regulatory means.


Narrowing a roadway by reducing the number of lanes or lane width; a traffic calming strategy used to reduce vehicle speeds.  Road diets are often conversions of four-lane undivided roads into three lanes (two through lanes and a center two-way left turn lane (TWLTL). The ROW of the fourth lane may be used for bicycle lanes, sidewalks, and/or on-street parking.


A thoroughfare at least twenty feet in width that has been dedicated to the public for transportation use; a section of the right-of-way that has been designed, improved, surfaced, or is typically used for motor vehicle travel.


A traffic calming device in which vehicles follow a circular path around a central island; upon approaching the roundabout, vehicles are expected to yield to traffic already in the circle.


Right-of-Way - Public strip of land on which streets, sidewalks, alleys, transit and railroad lines, and public utilities are built.


Rainfall and other precipitation that flows into drainage facilities, bodies of water, and wetlands, or seeps through the soil to become shallow groundwater.

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