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Term Definition

Major, multimodal streets in urban areas (arterials and collectors) which are designed to complement and support adjacent land uses.


A raised barrier used to separate opposing traffic flow and control access and turning movements.  A median can also provide a pedestrian crossing refuge and streetscape enhancement.


Zoning allowing several types of uses (e.g. residential, commercial, office, and/or retail) within a single building or development.  The uses can be mixed vertically, with different uses stacked in a single building, or horizontally, with different uses adjacent to or near each other.


Movement of people or goods within the transportation system.


Metropolitan Planning Organization - A federally required planning entity responsible for transportation planning and project selection in its region; every urbanized area with a population over 50,000 should have an MPO, designated by the governor.


A bikeway physically separated from motorized vehicular traffic by an open space or barrier located either within the highway right-of-way or within an independent right-of-way.  Shared use paths may also be used by pedestrians, skaters, wheelchair users, runners, and other non-motorized users.


A system or corridor providing a range of transportation options including walking, bicycling, driving, and transit.


Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices - The MUTCD defines the standards used for the installation and maintenance of traffic control devices (signs, signals, and pavement markings) nationwide; the manual is published by the Federal Highway Administration.

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